Vision and mission

Vision and mission


“The development and production of cutting-edge technologies for the treatment of diseases and the improvement of the quality of life.”

We are proud of our history and look forward to a future in which we will continue to serve the needs of mankind with the inquiring spirit that distinguishes us and the strength of our Group. We are determined to continue to innovate, making the protection of health and of the environment a constant source of renewal and distinction.


"To increase our knowledge and expertise to continue developing products of the highest technological innovation for the purification of blood and water."

This is the goal that has marked the history of the Medica group since 1985 and that continues to guide it into the future. It is a goal achieved through the acquisition of companies and specific know-how, by employing top professionals to increase global knowledge, an absolute company asset.

Seamless Innovation for Life Quality  is written in Medica's corporate DNA:

  • an innate talent for research and development that has led to the design and manufacture of very high-tech products and the registration of over fifty patents;
  • Medica's unwavering commitment to finding solutions to improve the quality of life while protecting Health and the Environment, from purifying blood to purifying water, one of our planet's most precious resources.