OEM – disposable medical device


OEM – disposable medical device

Medica's research and development team for disposable medical devices is made up of a group of engineers and technicians who are capable of developing complex circuits to support electromedical devices for the management of patient treatment. The analysis begins with a fluid-dynamic study of the circuits, always with a view to limiting the volume of blood in the extracorporeal circulation, which is essential in the case of neonatal/paediatric equipment. It then involves the definition of each individual plastic component, from commercial solutions available from the catalogue to customised solutions requiring moulds designed in-house.

The knowledge of biocompatible materials and techno-polymers required for the assembly of tubing sets, bags and catheters, ranging from polyolefins (PP/PE) to ABS, MBS, PC, PVC, etc., is of particular importance.

The design can be completely managed by the Medica team or co-designed with the customer. Services can include prototyping, pre-series development, certification to specification standards and mass production.


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