Customized assembly lines


Customized assembly lines

Through its subsidiary Tecnoideal S.r.l., Medica Group, in addition to the design and development of single-use medical devices and electromedical equipment, is also involved in the development of the automation technology required for their manufacture, thus offering a comprehensive service to companies in the sector.

Extensive expertise in disposable medical devices, with particular reference to tubing sets and their use in the sector, combined with significant expertise in rigid and flexible plastics, assembly and testing technologies, enables the production of efficient automation for the manufacture of components, semi-finished items and finished products. Equipment that is tailor-made to customer's specifications and meets the highest performance requirements for a rapid return on investment.

The development of hollow fibre membrane extrusion lines and the associated assembly and testing technologies for blood and water purification filters represent the group's technological advantage. This is complemented by the ability to verify the performance of products in terms of the physical quantities involved, with a substantial characterisation of the products.


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